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“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” — Henry David Thoreau

The challenge of photography is to capture these moments in life. Every location and every person is unique so my work is always new, interesting and exciting.

Essential Tips On How To Take Black and White Photos

Essential Tips On How To Take Black and White Photos

Looking for: Essential Tips On How To Take Black and White Photos?  You’ve been fascinated with black and white photos all your life. You really like how this kind of photos turn out and you admire people taking these. You know that taking black and white photos are never easy because there are a lot of things to consider. For one, your only focus should be the subject that’s why as a photographer, your photos should allow your audience to solely view the subject, and nothing else. Since the background and your model’s outfit are in black and white, you should follow specific strategies to grab the attention of your audience through your photos – they should build that interest on what you produce, just like in regular, colored photos. Here are the Essential Tips On How To Take Black and White Photos.

Sure, you might be taking colored photos for years now but there are different techniques for you produce amazing black and white photos. One way is of course, by practicing your skills but you can develop that by following these:

  • Watching Black and White Movies Can Help: When you’re new in black and white photography, you better equip yourself with the essential ideas in taking black and white photos. Make the most out of your time by watching black and white movies. In that way, you’ll know how lightings and shades work. Understand every concept you encounter so that you’ll understand the whole process of taking black and white photos. Indeed, these kinds of movies can help you explore, learn and use the techniques in your own style of photography.
  • Get the Right Subject: Not all subjects look good in black and white. That’s why you have to choose the right subject for your black and white photography experiment. Your subject has something significant to give you when taking black and white photos. An example of this is a portrait photo. A portrait of a woman can have a visual impact when taken in black and white color as curves, lines and shapes are highlighted.
  • Look For The Light: Take your black and white photo using the perfect light. Find the right light and understand how it will complement your subject.  Light can definitely affect your photo’s quality. If you rely on the natural light, wait until all elements you need are in. Then take multiple shots and choose the best one. Just remember that not all lights are suitable for black and white photography. Make sure that when you incorporate light, you do not do it excessively as it might it will not wash out your images.
  • Experiment With Black and White Color: When your subject only contains black and white color, what you can do to make it more attractive is deepening the dark and making white lighter in the photos. The dark tones in the photo give your viewers the impression that all other elements in it are brighter.
  • Apply Filters: You’ll appreciate black and white photography when you know how to use filters. Incorporate the powers of filters to create a majestic black and white photo. Take advantage of the polarizers when you want to create a dramatic ambiance – but you can only do this if you also think of ideas in black and white. Learning and practicing this strategy repeatedly can make your black and white photography skills perfect!
  • Use ISO: ISO is a number used in photography to indicate and determine the sensitivity of the image sensor. When you’re using ISO, make sure it’s in high level to prevent unnecessary dots in your photo. This could damage your photos.
  • Shape and Form: Black and white photography helps you manipulate your subject. When you remove colors, you’re re-focusing your viewer’s attention into the subject. Limiting your colors into black and white brings out the best in your image. You’ll get to emphasize the hidden details and textures of the photo. Focus on the subject alone by highlighting its shapes and form and when you do so, you’ll get the most from your photo. With black and white photos, you only see the subject as your focal point and nothing else.
  • Contrast: Contrast is vital in black and white photography. With contrast, you can take tonal differences in your photo and help your primary subject shine with it. When your image has two different colors, contrast helps you in adding depth and shapes to it. It also separates your main subject from the background, allowing you to define all the objects in the scene.
  • Pattern and Texture: Photos are more captivating and stunning when done in black and white. They appear more attractive especially with patterns and texture which are best seen through black and white colors. Pictures done in grayscale usually stand out and become more noticeable than those done in colors. When patterns are taken in black and white, you’ll know how shapes are formed by the elements of the scene.
  • Color Difference: If you take a photo with a little color difference, you do it in black and white to enhance the quality of your photos. In that way, there’ll be an emphasis on the shape, texture, and form.
  • Create A Connection With Your Viewers: No matter how fantastic your black and white photos are, these are all still useless if you do not connect with your audience. Connection is essential especially when you have something to convey in your photo. In reaching out to your viewers, identify scenes that may catch their attention like authentic or candid moments. Get the amazing combination of light and life’s micro-moment as possible.
  • Finding Your Style and Space: Having your own style of photography develops your creativity and can be evident in photo that you produce. But keep in mind that it takes time for you to learn the techniques in black and white photography, it doesn’t also happen overnight. Just take it slow, and you’ll eventually progress over time. Take everything as a learning experience and use that to become better with your future shots.
  • Don’t Stop Practicing: There’s so much to learn in black and white photography. It’s a never-ending learning process that you have to go through now and then – and practicing it will help you craft your fantastic black and white photos. Spend time and open yourself to many ideas.

Take note of the above tips, and you’ll gradually discover your technical and creative expertise in shaping up your black and white photos. Just remember that you don’t have to rush to become a very good photography – things take time and this includes your expertise in black and white photography. And if you love what you do with black and white photography, you’re a step closer in producing amazing photos!

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