Create Fabulous Vacation Photos

How to Create Fabulous Vacation Photos is the question everyone wants to know. Many times you return from a trip and look at your photos and are disappointed. There poorly lit or are just plain boring. It’s easier than you think to create fabulous vacation photos . But it does require that you do think. I just returned from a trip to France. People were taking photos and selfies everywhere. It was all I could do to comment to some of them. “Look at where the sun is. If you just turned around you would have a great photo but you’re taking a photo into the sun and it’s not going to record what you want.” Of course I didn’t say anything since I did not want to criticize strangers but you are reading this so please take note.

One:  Always have the sun at your back or to the side.

I say to the side because if there is a bright sun your subject will be squinting if they are looking directly into the sun.

Two: Have you subject in the shade

If possible have your subject in the shade. They will be so much more comfortable and they will be light with a much softer light. Still have the sun to your back. This will create really great photos.

Three: Put people in your photo

Many times we just love a scene but if we add someone, like a friend to the photo it has much more interest. The big hint is they do not need to be looking at you. This can be there back and they are gazing at the scene. These turn out to be lovely photos. Check the samples below.

Four: Try to take your photos in the late afternoon.

The light is so much more interesting in the afternoon. Again look at the samples.

Five: Try night photos

Night photos are dramatic. You can rest your camera or you phone on a railing or post to steady it.

Six. NO flash

Flash really flattens thing out and you loose all the ambiance. Instead have your subject stand near a light source like a window. These shots will be lovely and tell more of the story of where you are.

Seven: Get in close

This is the single most common error people make. They are just too far from the subject. Get in as close as you can to still have all the background you want. You will be surprised at how close you can get.

Eight: Take a photo during the day and then again at night.

This is great fun. You will see the cathedral photo taken in this way. They had a light show on the cathedral at night that was amazing. How did they do this??

Nine: Use architectural elements to add interest

Shooting through a railing or finding some other interesting element to add to your photo make it much more interesting.

Try these simple suggestions and see if that doesn’t greatly improve your travel photographs.

Here are some samples of what I mean. See if you can identify which technique I’m using in each one. It’s all about having taking a moment to think.