Gorgeous photos using reflection

Try this technique for taking Gorgeous photos using reflection even with you phone! 
Reflection photography is inspiring and incredibly beautiful and you’ll be discover that they are everywhere.  In this tutorial I’ll explain the details so you too can take this amazing photos. 

reflection photography

1. Find a reflective surface. 

Water is the most common but a street after the rain, ice, sunglasses, windows and much more will work. Just look around and you will be surprised.

2. Subject

This is pretty obvious but this most likely will be your family or friends. But how about birds or trees? Anything can provide the subject for producing Gorgeous photos using reflection. Remember silhouettes are really effective for reflections. Or like this sample I used the windows in one building to reflect the image of the next. This can be super fun especailly in the late afternoon when the sun does all kinds of interesting things. 

Please refer to some of my previous or try this link:  silhouettes.

3. Distractions

Notice how the example is very very simple. This is what makes this so effective. Try to avoid busy backgrounds. If you have the skills you can always use editing software to eliminate these but see if you can place yourself in a position where this will not be necessary. You will have gorgeous photos using reflection. 

4. Change your angle and get close to the reflective surface

This will make your photo even more interesting. 

5. Time of day

Check out these photo reflections during the day and at night. Hard to choose which is better. 

6. Symmetry 

Many time having your subject right in the middle will create gorgeous photos using reflection.

7. Take lots of photos. 

Taking many photos is the one thing that can make a huge difference in your reflection photography. In reflection photography there are so many things that are out of your control that the best thing you can do is take hundreds of photos and select the best ones afterward.

How could you possibly control the posture of your subjects, their alignment in the scene, and possible distortions on the surface of water? But once you let go of your desire to control the scene and take as many photos as you can, occasionally your subjects will align themselves just right for that once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

8. Have fun!!

This is what it’s all about. Training our eyes to see what’s right before us.