Senior Portrait

A senior portrait is a record of one of the most important times in a young persons life.  Following are some examples but first see what I can so with those photographs as something you can send to family, put on facebook or other social media.

For a senior portrait graduates are looking for photos that reflect their interests and show their personality. Working with me is relaxed and fun. You can some to my studio or we can meet at one of Austin’s unique locations: UT, SOCO, 6th street or one of many local parks. Bring you dog if you like. The idea is to enjoy yourself so we can capture how you really are. This can be high energy, romantic, casual or whatever you want. It’s up to you. Combining state-of-the-art equipment with experience and innovation, I can produce portraits that can be edgy or beautiful. So call me today to talk about this “all important” portrait to remember your graduation. 512 447 2150

Senior Portraits run from $350 – $500.

Consult me ahead of time and find out what to wear. I suggest colors that will complement your hair and eyes. Try to stay away from clothing with “designs”. You want your face to command attention, not the design of the clothing. Remember little things like wrinkles in clothing, clean shoes and clean/groomed nails, etc.  You could also bring a shirt with your high school logo, a letter jacket or a college shirt to show where you will be going and anything else important to you.
I’d love to hear any other favorites you may have too!  Do you have a vision of what you want to see. Maybe with the skyline of the city or on a motorcycle, diving in the water or kicking a soccer ball. We can do whatever you want. This is your senior portrait so dream big and we can do it.

This list may be helpful in your planning.

 1. What makes a good portrait in your opinion?
2. Are there things that you would like to have in your photo? Like some sport object, soccer, tennis, baseball or theater props.
3. Is there something you hate about having your photograph taken?
4. What are your plans for the future?
5. Do you have some idea of what would be fun to do when we take your photo?
6. Think about the cloths you would like to wear: something casual and something dressy.
7. Do you have a creative idea on how we should do the photo? A location for instance.