Product Photography

Product Photography is probably as varied and any other type of photography. There is products for business and also for art. Each has it’s unique challenges but with Charlotte’s years of experience and excellent equipment she can capture with excellence whatever is put before her.

Note below: We will professionally extract you images so they will be catalogue ready.


Business Product Photography

For business Charlotte realizes that the photography of their product is the essential part of a business’s promotion. Every detail needs to be perfect. Lighting needs to be “just right” to assure the image of their product is clear. Each product has it’s special challenge. This could be machinery, computer, office chairs, food or technically complicated parts. Each product is considered for the best angle and the best lighting.


Every media has a different challenge. Charlotte listens to artists to understand just what is most important about their work.  You can be assured that your particular form of art or craft will be photographed to show it’s color, texture and detail to it’s fullest. Charlotte will sit with each artist to inspect their images to make sure they are perfect in color and texture. Plus Charlotte knows that most artists are on a budget. You will receive excellent photographs of your work at a price you can afford.