Bridal Photography

You are at your most beautiful. Remember this moment forever with bridal photography session.

Bridal Photography. You are at your most beautiful. Your bridal dress is most likely the most expensive dress you will purchase in your lifetime. This is why bridal photography is so important.   On your wedding day you will be preoccupied with all kinds of distractions and details. Plus a bridal shoot is fun. It’s like a rehearsal for how gorgeous you will be on your wedding day.  I encourage brides to bring ideas on how they’ve always wanted to be photographed. Look through bridal photography magazines for ideas of how you would like to be posed. Together we will have the time to really feature you and your dress rather then doing a rush job on your wedding day. So schedule a photo bridal shoot, bring a friend or your Mom and we’ll create a memory of a lifetime.

Your bridal photography will be fashionable with your unique style. From the day you receive your photos to
the day you show them your grandchildren, you will rejoice for eternity!

Then talk to me about your wedding photography.

I am a professional photographer located in Austin, TX and San Miguel de Allende, MX.  I have been a wedding photographer for a little more than 16 years now and I am blessed to have been a part of so many amazing weddings.  Since I live part of the year in San Miguel de Allende I have the opportunity to photograph weddings there as well. Where ever you have your wedding the most important part is you. My specialty if “capturing the moment”. These are spontaneous photographs where you can see the joy and sometimes the sadness that people are experiencing. Weddings are filled with emotion and that’s what I look for. You will be able to relive this special time again and again through your photographs. Give me a call and let me explain more. No press sales pitch only information. I look forward to talking with you