Professional Portrait                  

A professional portrait head shot is essential for all businesses. Websites, facebook, linkedin etc.  all require a quality image. Charlotte will work with you to create a portrait that “looks like you”. Plus Charlotte’s sessions are fast and fun. You will get to see the images immediately and pick the one that you like best. Then she will add her magic: lightening wrinkles, eliminating blemishes or skin imperfection if necessary. Within 24 hours you will have a classy portrait of yourself that you can proudly display to the world.

Whatever your service or product, think about how you are coming across to your customers. If you look cheap, expect people to start with letting out a sigh and asking, “how much?” If you communicate quality you will attract customers who value quality and will be willing to pay for it.

To illustrate my point, think of a business website you have seen where all the photos are different: difference background, different lighting, different color. Some are done with a cell phone others look like a mug shot. Your potential client notice details. They expect you to pay attention to details in your service or product. So your make the introduction to your business classy with professional consistent photographs.