Photography as family history. Our photos are tangible reminders of the legacy we are each living and hope to leave behind.

“It is my hope for my children and my children’s children, and their children to know and see…really see…where they came from. I hope they recognize, through photographs, the same smiles that connect past to present. I hope they find a license to adventure by glimpsing into the frontiers once paved by those they love most. I wish for them to see the imperfect and unscripted moments of our time, only to realize that missteps are a part of the journey. And I hope this visual collection, spanning from tiny feet to wrinkled hands, fosters gratitude for all that has come before and all that is yet to be.

Take the time – 20 minutes even – to dig up your recent past. Look back even three or four years ago and see just who and what came to shape you: the people, the faces and places that make life meaningful. And then print them out – and share them. Remember: photography as family history.

If you’re like me, you’ll walk away from those 20 minutes with a renewed sense of gratitude. You’ll come to realize your best photos are not meant to bleed one into the other, or to collect dust in abandoned & cracked phones or outdated hard drives. Our photos are tangible reminders of the legacy we are each living and hope to leave behind.” This is a great quote from Katie Thurmes.

Here are some tips since photography as family history.

10 TIPS FOR BETTER FAMILY PORTRAITS for photography as family history

  1. Use a tripod when possible
  2. Shoot in Manual exposure mode
  3. Lock the focus or use manual focus
  4. Arrange people with heads staggered
  5. Allow kids to be kids and get goofy with them
  6. If it bends, bend it – how to help people pose
  7. Pose people to flatter them
  8. Lighting is key – get some in their eyes
  9. Expression is everything!
  10. Have a little fun with it and let go